Little Round Bun


An interactive version of a classical fairy tale about the Little Round Bun – a small spherical being that sings along running away from grandmother and grandfather. The story invites the reader to join the Little Round Bun in his adventure meeting various animals as he whirls off to the forest. He repeats his song to them bragging about his abilities to escape from everyone… but the fox is smarter...

As all the classical fairy tales the story has a moral that makes them always relevant with the years passing.

Keep the child entertained by listening to the story of Little Round Bun, singing along with him and interacting with the characters.


  • The book is suitable for children aged 2 and above.
  • 15 full color illustrations.
  • Original and distinctive characters.
  • Cute animations.
  • Children can interact with the book making characters appear on the screen as well as turning on their animations.
  • Full text narration simulating the voices of different characters.
  • Three options for reading – "Read to me", "Read by myself" and "Autoplay".
  • Original music and sounds.
  • The story is followed by a little game "Make your own Little Round Bun".
  • Languages – English, Lithuanian, Russian.

Please note: the book is designed to work in portrait orientation as if reading a traditional book.